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We have made a long term plan of recruiting overseas agents to improve the impact and popularity of our brand all over the world and get our new and old customers to enjoy the convenient and professional services at any time and any areas. At present, we have found the sole agents in Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Australia and other countries.

We have kept 6 years of harmonious cooperation with our agents and our product has been exported to 68 countries and regions. We offer the win-win cooperation with customers.

Agent Conditions
1. Product for Sale: Wanshida
2. Sales Volume: It is negotiable according to the size of your country and local marketing situations.
3. Requirements on Personnel: Our agent should have at least two salesmen and one after sales personnel.

Benefits for Agents
1. Price: Our agent enjoys the profit equivalent to 10% to 12% of normal price according to the sales volume.
2. Service: We offer complete and considerate services to our agents before, during and after a purchase.
3. Advertising: We supply total support for the propaganda of products in the earlier stage through attending the local exhibitions and other channels. Meanwhile, we take responsibility of 50% expense of propaganda.
4. Technical Support: Our professional technical team is responsible for developing new products and keeping product diversification, meeting the demands of different customers.

We are sincerely looking forward striving with all of you for common object.

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