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Manual Waste Baler

Manual Waste Baler

1. This Y82W-125A manual waste baler is designed in horizontal structure. The optional 6m long conveyor belt can be mounted for feeding materials automatically or manually.
2. Switched by buttons, it is able to run safely and reliably under the control of PLC.
3. This machine supports manual binding operation.

1.The configured power is adjustable in consistent with the actual requirements of production.
2. Users can select the apron conveyor, scraper conveyor chain or belt conveyor as they want.

The manual waste baler is mainly used to bale the waste paper like carton and news paper, scrap plastics like PET bottle, plastic film and recycle case, straws and other loose materials. Additionally, the compacting box and the bale of the machine can be designed in special dimension to meet specific demands of users.

Technical Parameters
No. Technical Parameters Note
1 Main Hydraulic Cylinder Model YG250/180-3900 Quantity 1pcs 125ton
Nominal Pushing Force 1250kN Stroke 3900mm
2 Front Door Switch Cylinder Model YG80/50-365 Quantity 1pcs  
Nominal Pushing Force 100kN Stroke 365mm
3 Front Door Locking Cylinder Model YG80/50-100 Quantity 2pcs  
Nominal Pushing Force 100kN Stroke 100mm
4 Feeding Inlet Size (L×W) 2200mm×1100mm  
5 Bale Size (L×W×H) 1400mm×1100mm×900mm  
6 Hydraulic System Working Pressure 25.0MPa  
7 Motor for Hydraulic Pump Model Y250M-6 Quantity 1pcs Double shaft
Rated Speed 980rpm Nominal Power 37kw
8 Hydraulic Pump 1 Model 250YCY14-1B Quantity 1pcs
Rated Discharge 250ml/r Nominal Pressure 31.5MPa
9 Hydraulic Pump 2 Model 25YCY14-1B Quantity 1pcs Reverse Rotation
Rated Discharge 25ml/r Nominal Pressure 31.5MPa
10 Conveyor Chain for Feeding System Width 1600mm Length 7500mm  
Gearbox Assembly XWD7-59-7.5 Power of Motor 7.5kw
11 Motor for Discharge Roller Model Y100L2-4 Quantity 1pcs  
Rated Speed 1440rpm Rated Power 3kw
12 Binding Wire Annealed metallic wire (Diameter: 2.8/3.2mm), 5 lines Manual binding
13 Bale Density ≥ 450kg/m3 Waste paper
14 Production Capacity 3.5-4.5t/h  
15 Bale Weight 400-700kg/bale  
16 Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 11700mm×9350mm×3200mm  
17 Machine Weight 17.5t  

1.Above parameters are for reference only. At the premise of meeting baling requirements, it is subject to the parameters of actual fabricated machine.
2. Two optional binding methods:
a. Automatic pressing under the control of PLC + manual binding
b. Manually operated valve control + manual binding

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Cardboard Baler | Carton Baler | Manual Waste Paper Baler | Waste PET Bottle Baler

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