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Waste Baler

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

    1. Horizontal Waste BalerOur horizontal waste baler can be used together with mechanical feed equipment to reduce the material processing cost. It is of high efficiency and can satisfy your various baling requirements.
    1. Vertical Waste BalerVertical Waste Baler can be used to press and bale many kinds of recyclable materials, including papers, plastic films, cardboards, and cotton, etc. The baled materials are compacter and are smaller in size, which will reduce the storage space and shipping space, thus enabling you to gain the optimal revenue.

Waste Baler

Y82 series waste baler is a kind of compaction and baling equipment that can press and bale many loose materials, such as scrap papers, cotton yarns, waste plastics, straws, knitting wools, waste cottons, loose fibers, cloths, metal cans and tins, ball tops, sacks, and so on. The baled materials are of high density and uniform size, easy for transportation.

1. Our waste balers are available in various specifications. Their compaction force ranges from 15 tons to 200 tons.
2. They use hydraulic drive mode and top-mounted cylinder.
3. All the cylinders use imported seal rings to ensure their reliable quality and long service life.

Technical Parameters of Waste Baler

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