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Q43 - 2500 Alligator Shear

Q43 - 2500 Alligator Shear

The Q43-2500 alligator shear is used to get qualified furnace charge through cutting diverse scrap shaped steel section and structural metals at cold state like round steel, square steel, angle iron, I steel, steel plate and pipe, etc. It is commonly seen in the medium sized metal processing plant, steel works, scrap metal recycling site and so on. If there is no power at site, this product can be activated by diesel engine according to the demands of users.

The major strong points of the alligator shear are balanced and steady transmission, stable running speed against load change. Controlled by buttons, the machine is able to accomplish the automatic cutting and manual feeding. Highly praised by customers from Russia and Ukraine, this product has been sold nearly 300pcs to these customers in the past two years.

Technical Parameters
No. Parameters Note
1 Shear Cylinder Type YG250/160-540 Quantity 1pcs
Nominal Thrust 2500kN Stroke 540mm
2 Clamping Cylinder Type YG125/90-347 Quantity 1pcs
Nominal Thrust 260kN Stroke 347mm
3 Hydraulic System Working Pressure 25MPa(Max. Pressure 27MPa)
4 Oil Tank Capacity 2160L
5 Working Length of Blade 1200mm
6 Size of Major Applicable Materials Common steel materials
7 Cutting Frequency 6-8times/min.
8 Control Mode Manually
9 Max. Blade Opening 450
10 Oil Pump Model 80YCY14-1B Rated Pressure 31.5MPa
Flow Quantity 80ml/r Quantity 2pcs
11 Motor Model Y180M-4 Rated Speed 1460rpm
Power 18.5kw Quantity 2pcs
12 Overall Dimension 2650mm×1024mm×1880mm
13 Overall Power 18.5×2 + 9kw
14 Overall Weight 9.5ton

Related Names
Wanshida Hydraulic Shear | Hydraulic Metal Shear | CE Approved Scrap Metal Shear | Alligator Shear | Crocodile Shear | Metal Shearing Machine

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