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Q43 - 2000 Alligator Shear

Q43 - 2000 Alligator Shear

This Q43 - 2000 alligator shear is commonly applied in the small and medium scaled scrap metal recycling place, steel plant, metal processing factory and other places. The opening of the shear blade is about 800mm and its maximum cutting force reaches 200ton. The upmost clamping force is up to 25ton. At the site without power source, the diesel engine can offer power for the machine as required.

Our alligator shear has incorporated a series of features like small inertia, high efficiency, ease of operation and so on. It is operated by buttons for automatic cutting with manual feeding.

Technical Parameters
No. Technical Parameters
1 Max. Cutting Force 2000kN
2 Stroke of Cutting Cylinder 210mm
3 Max. Clamping Force 80kN
4 Stroke of Clamping Cylinder 60mm
5 Height of Worktable 735mm
6 Cutting Frequency 8~12times/min.
7 Blade Length 800mm
8 Max. Blade Opening 285mm
9 Size of Major Applicable Materials 60mm×60mm, Ф70mm
10 Hydraulic System Working Pressure 21MPa
11 Motor Model Y160M-4 Quantity 2pcs
Rated Speed 1460rpm Power 15kw
12 Hydraulic Pump Model 63YCY14-1B Quantity 2pcs
Rated Discharge 63ml/r Rated Pressure 31.5MPa

Related Names
CE Approved Shear | Metal Shear | Alligator Shear | Crocodile Shear for Sale | CE and ISO9001:2008 Certified Metal Shear

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