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Q43 - 800 Alligator Shear

Q43 - 800 Alligator Shear

This Q43-800 alligator shear is mainly applicable for metal processing plant and scrap metal recycling station in small scale. Equipped with the 800mm long cutting blade, it performs with large shearing force. Driven by hydraulic device, this machine offers secure performance and simple operation. Moreover, it is available in mounting without foot screws. If there is no power supply at the working site, this product can be powered by the diesel engine, saving both time and labor.

The advantage of this alligator shear is that all the weld joints are treated with fusion welding in the entire production process. The configured bolts meet higher strength standards than other similar products. This machine is able to shear about 3 to 5 tons of materials per shift. According to the demands of customers, this main frame and the hydraulic unit are integrated into all in one machine. Therefore, this product is space saving and convenient for transportation and operation. Moreover information about this product can be obtained through contacting our sales group.

Technical Parameters (with holding device)
No. Parameters Note
1 Shear Cylinder Type

Quantity 1pcs
Nominal Thrust 800kN Stroke 240mm
2 Clamping Cylinder Type Quantity 1pcs
Nominal Thrust 50kN Stroke 80mm
3 Hydraulic System Working Pressure 25MPa(Max. Pressure 27MPa)
4 Oil Tank Capacity 3850L
5 Blade Length 800mm
6 Size of Major Applicable Materials Common steel materials
7 Cutting Frequency 8-12times/min.
8 Control Mode Manually
9 Max. Blade Opening 340mm
10 Oil Pump Model 25YCY14-1B Rated Pressure 31.5MPa
Flow Quantity 25ml/r Quantity 1pcs
11 Motor Model Y132M-4 Rated Speed 1440rpm
Power 7.5kw Quantity 1pcs
12 Overall Dimension 2000mm×870mm×1430mm
13 Overall Power 7.5kw
14 Overall Weight 1.5ton

Related Names
Light Iron Scrap Shear | Light Iron Scrap Metal Shear | Light Iron Crocodile Shear | Alligator Metal Shear

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