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Alligator Shearing Machine

Alligator Shearing Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

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Alligator shear, also known as lever shear, is a kind of metal shearing machine designed with a hinged jaw. The length of jaw can be 100mm to 910mm. Driven by flywheel or hydraulic cylinder, alligator shearing machine is usually used to cut various steel members, including rebar, pipes, angle iron, and I-beams, etc.
Alligator shear can be used separately or used in conjunction with excavators.

Our Q43 series alligator shearing machine can be used to shear all shapes of profile steels and other metallic products into qualified furnace charges in metal recycling and processing factories, automobile dismantling plants, smelting and casting factories, and so on.

1. This hydraulic driven alligator shearing machine is characterized by high safety, reliable performance, and easy operation.
2. The length of working blade can be 400mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, and 1800mm. There are eleven grades of shearing force, ranging from 63 tons to 600 tons, so your different requirements can be satisfied.
3. There is no need to use footing bolts to install alligator shearing machine . When the power source is unavailable, diesel engine can be used as motive power.

Technical Parameters of Q43 Series Alligator Shearing Machine

Model Maximum shearing force (kN) Max. blank holding force (kN) Max. blade opening (mm) Blade length (mm) Max. shearing specification (mm) Shearing frequency (times/minute) Motor power (kW) Operation mode
Q43-630 630 120 200 400 35×35 Φ40 8~16 7.5 Manual feeding, manual or automatic operation
280 600
360 800
Q43-800 800 280 600 35×35 Φ40 6~10 7.5
Q43-1000 1000 160 280 600 40×40 Φ45 8~16 11
Q43-1200 1200 200 280 600 50×50 Φ55 15
Q43-1600 1600 250 320 800 55×55 Φ63 18.5
Q43 - 2000 2000 250 380 800 65×65 Φ70 9~15 22
Q43-2500 2500 280 480 1000 75×75 Φ80 8~16 15×2
Q43-3150 3150 420 520 1200 80×80 Φ90 5~10 18.5×2
Q43-4000 4000 450 520 1200 90×90 Φ100 5~8 22×2
Q43-5000 5000 450 680 1800 110×110 Φ120 4~6
Q43-6000 6000 450 700 1800 120×120 Φ140 4~6 30×2
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