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Y83Q - 160 Scrap Metal Baler

Y83Q - 160 Scrap Metal Baler

This Y83Q-160 scrap metal baler is forward-out machine that is commonly used in the metal smelting plant with small and medium scaled production, as well as the waste metal recycled station.

It is usually manipulated manually to process the light and thin materials. The finished bale is applicable for small processing furnace in the steel plant. In general, the bale is about 200mm high and 600mm wide. Its length depends on the quanity of fed materials. If cutomers want more information about this scrap metal baler, please contact our professional sales department.

Technical Parameters
No. Parameters Note
1 Main Hydraulic Cylinder Model YG300/200-2000 180ton
Max. Thrust 1800kN
Stroke 2000mm
2 Lid Cylinder Model YG160/120-1300 50ton
Max. Thrust 500kN
Stroke 1250mm
3 Locking Door Cylinder (double) Model YG110/60-300 48ton
Max. Thrust 480kN
Stroke 360mm
4 Compacting Box Size 1600mm×800mm×700mm L×W×H
5 Bale Density ≥1800kg/m3
6 Hydraulic System Pressure ≤25MPa
7 Single Cycle Time About 160s
8 Power Supply 380V/3Ph, 50Hz
9 Motor Model Y200L2-6
Norminal Rotating Speed 970r/min
Rated Power 22kw
Quantity 1pcs
10 Oil Pump Model 160YCY14-1B
Rated Displacement 160ml/r
Norminal Pressure 31.5MPa
Quantity 1pcs

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