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Y83/T-160A Scrap Metal Baler

Y83/T-160A Scrap Metal Baler

Our Y83/T-160A scrap metal baler is popularized in the metal processing and recycling station, metal smelting plant with small and medium production. It is configured with the compacting box in size of 1600mm×1000mm×800mm. The finished bale is about 400mm×400mm in size.

Both the manual manipulation and the PLC automatic operation are available. Moreover, this scrap metal baler can be equipped with the motor with the optional power like 30kw or 37kw according to the production.

Technical Parameters
No.Parameters Note
1Main Hydraulic Cylinder Model YG280/200-1350Quantity1pcs
Nominal Thrust 1600kNStroke1350mm
2Side Hydraulic CylinderModel YG240/160-1250Quantity1pcs
Nominal Thrust 1200 kNStroke 1250mm
3Lid Cylinder Model YG180/110-1245Quantity1pcs
Nominal Thrust 650 kNStroke 1245mm
4Wicket CylinderModel YG125/70-440Quantity1pcs
Nominal Thrust 300 kNStroke 440mm
5Hydraulic System Pressure 25MPa (Max. Pressure: 27MPa)
6Oil Tank Capacity 1500L
7Compacting Box Size1600 ×1000 × 800mm
8Thickness of Baled Material Common metal mateials
9Bale Size(400~600)mm×400mm×400mm
10Bale Density ≥ 1800kg/m3
11Control Mode Manual control or PLC control
12Single Cycle TimeAbout 140s
13Oil PumpModel 160YCY14 - 1BRated Pressure31.5MPa
Flow Quantity 160ml/rQuantity1pcs
14Motor Model Y200L2-6Rated Rotating Speed970rpm
Power 22kwQuantity1pcs
15Machine Weight10.5ton

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China Can Baler | Recycling Balers for Scrap Metal | Push Out Baler | Baling Press and Scrap Baler

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