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Y83-125 Scrap Metal Baler

Y83-125 Scrap Metal Baler

The Y83-125 scape metal baler is the proper equipment suitable for small and medium scaled metal smelting and waste metal recycling. Due to the small volume, low production cost, low failure rate, small investment and other merits, the product is our bestselling machine. It has a wide customer base all over the world.

Operated by hand, this scape metal baler is able to make the bale in size of 250mm×250mm. Powered by 18.5kw, it is extremely energy saving and environment protective.

Technical Parameters
No.Parameters Note
1Main Hydraulic Cylinder Model YG240/160-480 Stroke 480mm  
Max. Thrust 1250kN Quantity1pcs 
2Side Hydraulic CylinderModel YG220/160-880 Stroke 880mm  
Max. Thrust 1000kN Quantity1pcs 
3Lid Cylinder Model YG130/90-920 Stroke 920mm  
Max. Thrust 330kN Quantity1pcs 
4Turn-out Cylinder Model YG80/50-360 Stroke 360mm  
Max. Thrust 80kN Quantity1pcs 
5Compacting Box Size (L×W×H) 1200mm×700mm×600mm  
6Hydraulic System Pressure25.5MPa (Turning out system: 6MPa)  
7Single Cycle TimeAbout 120s 
8Motor Model 63YCY14-1B Rated Pressure 31.5MPa  
Norminal Rotating Speed 63ml/r Quantity1pcs 
9Hydraulic Pump Model Y180M-4 Rated Rotating Speed1460rpm  
Rated Displacement 18.5kw Quantity1pcs 
10Machine WeightAbout 5.0ton  

Related Names
Scrap Metal Compactor | Turn Out Metal Baler | Hydraulic Pressing Machine for Metal Recycling | China Recycling Balers for Hot Sale

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